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Our company standards and values are designed to be a guide in determining if one is in alignment with why and how we do things within the business.  These core values and standards are also used in guiding our decision making process and in directing our behaviors.  These standards and values are critical in creating the spirit we want in our business.


1.      We Communicate Openly and Respectfully

  • We Listen Reflectively
  • We Gather All the Facts First
  • We Seek to Preserve Relationships
  • We Seek to Achieve The Interests of All Stakeholders

2.     We Create a FUN Work Environment

  • We Have Fun Professionally While Producing at a High Level
  • We Thrive on Innovation
  • We Design Our Physical Environment with Intention
  • We Celebrate Success

3.     Innovation and Excellence in Patient Care

  • We Seek the Underlying Systemic Cause of Frustrations
  • We Believe in Orchestrated Patterns of Work
  • We Quantify Our Progress and Innovations
  • We Believe All Business Problems are Systems Problems

4.     ProActive Way---whatever it takes!

  • We get patients better, no matter what it takes. 
  • We Go Beyond Expectations
  • We Do the Right Things Well
  • We Search for Better Ways All the Time
  • We Create “Raving” Experiences for All patients

5.     We Reward Success

  • We honor employees monthly with the PROACTIVE Award.
  • We share our profit
  • We Embody the Spirit of Our Organization
  • We Set the Pace for Our Competition


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