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» Staff : Lisa Simon, PT, MSPT Pasadena Clinic Director

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Lisa Simon PT, MSPT

Pasadena Clinic Director

Lisa Simon, PT, MSPT, is a native Houstonian.  She has lived in Europe, NYC and New Orleans, but came full circle to her hometown in 2001.  She graduated top of her class at City University of New York -- magna cum laude and commencement speaker for her graduating class of 1987.  She then pursued a career in acting with her most unusual job as co-star of an Off-Broadway Splatter Rock Musical with a cult following!  Upon leaving the acting field, she pursued a career in fitness.  As a personal trainer in NYC, she wrote feature articles for Harper’s Bazaar and Glamour Magazine.  Later she would attend Texas Woman’s University for physical therapy.    For nearly 20 years, Lisa has worked in a variety of clinical settings.  She has loved it all for the joy she receives in helping others achieve a higher quality of life thru the rehabilitation process.  Her greatest passion is orthopedics and she is delighted to have come full circle once again.   She employs a variety of manual therapy techniques which includes trigger point dry needling. She emphasizes the importance of good posture and core strength and wants patients to feel at ease while reaching their maximum functional potential.   Outside of work, she is with her family, taking spin classes, or crafting.  She and her husband love teaching children’s Sunday school.

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