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ProActive Physical Therapy in the Sugarland, Texas

Making You Better Is Our Only Business

ProActive Physical Therapy in Sugarland is our most recent facility to open.  Located conveniently off the Southwest Freeway and Williams Trace, we are easily accessible from Richmond to Up Town. 

We embrace modern, evidence-based treatments to ensure the best results for our patients, who range in age from age six to ninety. Our goal is to find the underlying cause of your symptoms, treat your injury or condition as quickly and efficiently as possible, and ensure you have the confidence and ability to move forward with an independent exercise program. 

During your evaluation, your therapist will look at how your body is moving and assess for underlying movement impairments that may contribute to your symptoms.  Exercise programs are designed with your wants/needs in mind and are kept as functional as possible.

In addition to tailored exercises, we offer the following specialty therapies: balance retraining/BPPV treatment, joint mobilization/manipulation, trigger point release, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, dry needling, and Kinesiotape/Rock Tape techniques.


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Sugarland Clinic
14859 Southwest Freeway
Sugarland, Texas  77478
Ph. 281-643-7200
Fax 281-643-7700

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