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The first step to successful rehabilitation and recovery is a complete evaluation. The Physical Therapist’s evaluation will include an examination of your muscles, test of your joints, and assessment of your injury or condition. At this time education about your condition and an initial plan of care will be given. Next, you can expect your therapist to prescribe a personalized exercise regime to be done in the clinic and at home. These exercises will help to restore your strength and function.  You may also receive hands on manual therapy. A Physical Therapist’s hands can mobilize tissue and joints to allow for a speedier, more complete recovery.  The key to your complete and sustainable recovery is a team approach: the therapist, the assistant and you.


ProActive Physical Therapy provides complimentary injury screenings at all locations.

If you have an injury and are not certain what you should do about it, you can set up an appointment at any of our locations for a complimentary injury screening.  An injury screening is an opportunity for you to be seen by a licensed Physical Therapist regarding a musculoskeletal injury or ailment.  Typically a screening takes approximately 30 minutes.  During the screening, an evaluation will be completed, questions related to your injury will be answered, and next options will be recommended.

Injury screenings are by appointment only and we will make every effort to schedule them  within 24-48 hours of your initial call.
Call today to schedule your free screening at a convenient location near you. 

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