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Do you have a friend or family member who you believe will benefit from Physical Therapy services with one of ProActive's talented professionals? Simply refer a friend (we’ll supply you with a card for them to bring in so we know it was you who referred them), and once they’ve completed three treatments, you’ll receive a complimentary month of our Open Gym Program.  Read below for details.  

Become a success story, invite your friend to become one, and get a free month of open gym. Now that’s motivation!

What is Open Gym?

Once you have completed your course of Physical Therapy, you may wonder what you can do to maintain your health and fitness and to prevent re-injury.  We will provide you with a home program to assist you in maximizing the benefits of therapy, but we would also like you to be aware of our Open Gym Program. 


As a former patient, you will have the opportunity to continue the use of our exercise equipment at your convenience during our regular business hours.  You will enjoy full access to our machines, weights and other various exercise equipment. We only ask that if a patient who is currently in Physical Therapy requires the use of equipment you are using, you allow them to use it first.  There are a number of benefits to taking advantage of this program:


  1. You can continue the exercises you were doing in therapy without concern for where you can obtain the proper equipment – it’s all right there at your fingertips!
  2. Your therapists will be nearby in case you have any pertinent questions regarding your program.
  3. You are not tied to an appointment time – come when you can during normal operating hours.


The cost for the Open Gym Program is only $35 per month. For Pearland patients who desire use of the pool as well as the gym, the cost is $60 per month. (Pool time must be scheduled).


We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity!!

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