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Back Pain and Exercise during COVID-19

Back Pain and Exercise  during COVID - 19

By Lisa Simon

Many of you are likely wanting to use this time to get into a good fitness routine and feel as good as you can, but this pandemic can make that challenging. You might like to go to the gym; you think your back pain would go away if you could drop some weight, eat better, and so on. But for many, going to the gym is NOT an option right now. Our clinicians are hearing this a lot! You may have started eating too much out of boredom and stress and you have stopped weighing yourself as the numbers just keep rising. Anyone nodding their heads yet? 

So, what is a good exercise for low back pain?

Dr. Lisa suggests making small changes in activity that are doable.

1) Take a walk! Even going for 10 minutes can help rev up your metabolism and decrease appetite. The movements caused from walking help decrease back stiffness and pain caused from prolonged sitting and inactivity. Walking increases circulation to your spine and lubricates those stiff joints making you feel lighter and more flexible. And don't forget the gift of endorphin release when you lengthen that walking time and increase the pace. You might end up with a big smile on your face. And who doesn't want that?! 

2) Take a break before dinner and walk another 10 minutes or so. Plug in your earphones and listen to a podcast, play some music or call a friend. You might get so distracted, you'll end up walking 30 minutes!  That's the amount of time many health practitioners recommend. Don't be surprised at your next yearly check-up when your blood pressure is down, weight is lower and cholesterol numbers look good!

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