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feeling dizzy? Is your vertigo acting up

Are you feeling dizzy? Is your vertigo acting up?

Did you know that dizziness, vertigo and feeling off balance are just disruptions in your equilibrium?

Your balance system is extraordinarily complex and consists of three main areas: your vision, inner ear, and sensory receptors in your feet. There can many causes of disequilibrium including the aging process, neurological conditions, changes in your blood pressure, inner ear issues, head trauma like a concussionand even medication.


If you have been experiencing balance issues, you should follow up with your doctor, but did you know that you be also benefit from vestibular rehabilitation?


Vestibular rehabilitation is a specialty of physical therapy that focuses on analyzes the causes of dizziness and vertigo based on an examination of your vision, neck mobility, inner ear, and lower extremities. The goal of vestibular rehabilitation is to identify and retrain your body how to respond to triggers while improving your balance and gait.



Be your own advocate!


Did you know that you can request for physical therapy after surgery?

Studies show that patients that regularly attended physical therapy post operatively compared to those who were either non-compliant or not referred, had significantly better outcomes regarding strength, mobility, and quality of life. Under the supervision of a physical therapist, we can appropriately progress your treatment based on your stage of healing and relay any issues or concerns with your physician proactively to get ahead of any possible delays in your recovery.


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